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BSP Female Straight

BSP Female 90 degree bend

BSP Female 45 degree bend

BSP Male straight/ 90 degree bend

BSP Female straight Skive type

BSP Female 90 degree bend Skive type

BANJO straight

JIC Female Straight

JIC Female 90 degree bend

JIC Female 45 degree band

JIC Male Straight

ORFS Female straight

ORFS Female 45 degree bend

ORFS Female 90 degree bend

ORFS Male straight

ORFS Male 90 degree bend

METRIC Female straight with O-RING

METRIC Female 90 degree bend with O-RING

METRIC Female 45 degree bend with O-Ring

METRIC Male Straight

METRIC Male 90 degree bend

Metric Stand Pipe

Flange Code 61 Straight

Flange Code 61 bend 90 degree

Flange Code 61 bend 45 degree

Flange Code 62 Straight

Flange Code 62 bend 90 degree

Flange Code 62 bend 45 degree

JIS Female straight

JIS Female 90 degree bend

KOMATSU Female straight

KOMATSU Female 90 degree bend

NPT Female and Male straight

FERRULE L1 - Non Skive